About Us

We Believe That

Our job is to make your job easier.

After years in the field seeing first-hand the successes and failures of projects due to the inferior equipment and or support equipment available.

We work directly with contractors to address the problems drillers are having with their existing equipment, from tooling through to mud delivery pumps and fluid recycling etc.

The secret to our success is unbeatable value, you see we’ve never stopped working with drillers in the field. You know what works and what doesn’t and we’re smart enough to listen.

We’re out to keep the drilling industry moving forward. We keep a large range of support equipment for driller on the shelf at all times.

Meet Our Team

Our team has one of the most experience lineups with all staff having in excess of 20 years plus in the industry to give our client the satisfaction we know the difficulties they face on a daily basis. We are here to ensure they have a place to now come and source all the equipment requirements they need in the one place.

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