We Specialise In...

Trenchless Sales know what drillers need, so this is what we specialise in:
Sourcing and selling equipment
Supply of rods and tooling (all makes and models)

Pumps and spares,
Recycling Systems,
Pipe trailers.
Hoses and fittings (all sizes) and
PE welders.

Bog mats and temporary pit covers, temporary fence and more, the list goes on !!!!!! Just call to ask how we can help you with your equipment support and supplies.


Working With Us

A team that is dedicated to get you up and running efficiently to work in the harsh environment that we now work in. A challenging industry that can sometime be unforgiving, we now offer support at a competitive price for you the contractor to compete and complete the difficult crossing required.

  • On the shelf support equipment.
  • Large range of suppliers
  • Large range of sizes to suit all applications
  • Knowledgeable staff
330 Vermeer

One stop shop for
Trenchless and HDD Requirements